Pisang Ambon

About Pisang Ambon

Pisang Ambon Original & 7up/Sprite RECIPE

50ml Pisang Ambon Original
100ml 7up/Sprite
Build into an ice-filled long drink glass
Lime squeezed and dropped in
Serve with tall straw

Pisang Ambon The Original

Pisang Ambon is the smooth, easy to drink banana liqueur that is based on an original Indonesian recipe. The actual name pays tribute to its Indonesian roots because Pisang Ambon means banana in Indonesian and Ambon is a small island near Bali.

The iconic Tjap Wajang logo refers to one of the most popular Indonesian cultural traditions, the shadow puppets. Pisang Ambon is easily recognizable due to its striking green color and the unique, legendary, square bottle.

First introduced more than 60 years ago, Pisang Ambon is still a modern international liqueur with an exotic banana taste and a hint of citrus. Well known in the mix with Orange Juice, but also very refreshing in the mix with 7-up/Sprite.

Create your own party with Pisang Ambon the Original and add some color!

Pisang Ambon Guarana Lime

Pisang Ambon Guarana Lime is an innovative and adventurous new taste. Pisang Ambon Guarana Lime is a perfect mix of guarana berries and the refreshing taste of lime.

It has a spectacular purple color and an un-expected mysterious taste. Unique and easy to mix with 7-up/Sprite, Pisang Ambon Guarana Lime is the adventurous mixer.

Create your own party with Pisang Ambon Guarana Lime and add some color!

Pisang Ambon Ice Mint

Pisang Ambon Ice Mint is a new refreshing mint liqueur with a touch of vanilla and has an outstanding ‘cool’ color. It’s a perfect mixer with 7-UP/Sprite and very popular as a refreshing shooter.

Create your own party with Pisang Ambon Ice Mint and add some color!

Pisang Ambon. Adds color

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